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The following is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions:
Consumer Affairs Contact Information

Q:        I have a problem, complaint, or compliment how can I contact The Board Dudes?

A:        Consumer feedback is incredibly important to us.  You can contact The Board Dudes consumer affairs via snail mail, phone, or e-mail.


            MEGA Brands America, Inc.

3 Ada, Suite 200

Irvine, CA 92618 USA





mailto: heydudes@megabrands.com


Cork and Cork Boards

Q:        Where does cork come from?

A:        Cork is a natural substance harvested from the Cork Oak tree.  It is essentially the bark of the tree.  It is a highly sustainable resource with very little industrial processing needed to create a finished cork product. 


Q:        Can your cork rolls and cork tiles be used for soundproofing or insulation?

A:        Cork and cork tiles have many varied uses.  However, our products have not been tested to be used as a building material (flooring or insulation), nor can we provide building material-type data or sound deadening data for our cork products. 



Dry Erase Boards & Dry Erase Markers

Q:        What do you recommend for cleaning and care of a dry erase board?

A:        Dry erase boards, and particularly the dry erase surface of the board, should be cleaned only with dry erase wipes, board cleaner, or a damp wet cloth.  Abrasives or other chemical cleansers should not be used. 


Q:        Do materials other than dry erase markers work on dry erase boards?

A:        Dry erase boards are designed to work with dry erase markers.  However, some board surfaces work with regular or dry erase crayons as well.  Look for specially-marked boards in our learning line that work well with crayons as well as dry erase markers.


Q:        I accidentally used a non-dry erase marker on the dry erase board, how do I clean it?

A:        Although not guaranteed to work, we have found that regular markers or even permanent markers can sometimes be removed from dry erase boards using a dry erase marker!  We recommend you try tracing over the stain on the board with a fresh dry erase marker, then erasing.  In many cases, this will mostly or completely remove the stain.


Q:        I used another brand of dry erase marker and it doesnt erase as well.  Why is this?

A:        Dry erase marker formulations vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Different dyes and other components can radically change dry erase performance.  Our boards are designed to work best with our branded markers.  We have a full line of dry erase markers in many different colors, styles, and options to suit your needs. 


Q:        Ive left marker on the board for a long time and now it wont erase, what should I do?

A:        In this case, our advice is similar to what we suggest for accidental permanent marker stains on the dry erase board.  We recommend you try tracing over the stain on the board with a fresh dry erase marker, then erasing.  In most cases, this will remove the old dry erase marker stains.


Q:        How do you recommend storing the dry erase markers for maximum performance?

A:        Dry erase markers generally are sold sideways (horizontal), and we recommend they be stored that way as well.  Many of our boards come with a clip at the top to store your marker horizontally.  On larger boards, there is often a marker tray included to install at the bottom of the board.  Storing the markers horizontally will prolong their useful life and result in the best long-term performance of your product.  



Hardware and Mounting

Q:        My board didnt come with mounting hardware, what should  I do?

A:        Please contact our consumer affairs department via one of the methods mentioned on this website.  We will do our best to get you the correct mounting hardware.  Please be prepared to provide as much information as you can about the item board size, where you purchased the board, any codes or numbers on the back of the board, and the item number or UPC from the package or your receipt, if available.  All these pieces of information will help us to identify the correct hardware for your board.


Q:        Are there instructions available for how to mount the boards?

A:        Absolutely!  Our mounting hardware ships with an instruction sheet included.  

Q:        Do your boards mount in different orientations?

A:        Most of our boards can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation using the included mounting hardware.   As a general rule, it is mentioned on the package of the boards as a feature when the board is mountable in either direction.



Locker Gear

Q:        Will your locker shelves fit in my locker?

A:        Our locker shelves are designed to fit most standard locker sizes.  If there is any question as to whether they will fit in your locker, we recommend measuring the locker and comparing to the dimensions of our shelves found below.  They come in three standard sizes at present:


            10x11 deck, 8 height

            10x11 deck, 10 height

            10x11 deck, 12 height


Made in USA

Q:        Are any of your products made in the USA?

A:        A number of our premium wood case #2 pencil items are manufactured with pride in the USA, at our facility in Lewisburg, Tennessee. 



Q:        What size (diameter) lead do your mechanical pencils use?

A:        Most are a standard 0.7 mm size.  For those who like larger leads, we do make items that use a larger, 2.0 mm lead.


Q:        Are all of your wood case pencils standard #2 pencils?

A:        Yes, all of our wood case and mechanical pencils use standard HB lead, equivalent to a #2 wood case pencil.  The #2 standard is a US measure, whereas the HB measure is used in Europe and globally (similar to inches vs. centimeters).  So a #2 pencil lead is equivalent to an HB lead, which is what all of our wood case pencils use.


Q:        Are all your mechanical pencil leads standard #2 HB leads?

A:        Yes, all of our mechanical and wood case pencils use standard HB lead, equivalent to a #2 wood case pencil.  The #2 standard is a US measure, whereas the HB measure is used in Europe and globally (similar to inches vs. centimeters).  So a #2 pencil lead is equivalent to an HB lead, which is what all of our mechanical pencils use.



Q:        What does HB lead mean?

A:        Pencil leads are graded and classified on a scale with H (hardness) on one end and B (blackness) on the other.  It ranges from 9H to 9B, with HB being in the middle of the scale.  HB is the standard grade for writing pencils.  This is primarily a consideration for graphic and artist pencils most writing pencils use HB.  This system is a European/global system, and the US #2 pencil standard is equivalent to an HB lead on the middle of the scale. 




Q:        What size (diameter) pen tips do your pens use?

A:        Our pens range from 0.5 mm on the small side, 0.7 mm in the middle, and 1.0 mm or larger on the large side.  These are fairly standard in the industry.


Q:        Why is there a tiny bead of wax on the tip of my new pens?

A:        Pens that contain higher viscosity inks (gel inks, for example) have their tips dipped in wax before they are packed and shipped.  This helps prevent the tip from becoming clogged due to dried out ink, and helps preserve the function of the pen so that when you take it out of the package and remove the little wax bead, the pen is fresh, full, and ready to write.


 Quality and Safety

Q:        Are your products non-toxic?

A:        All consumer products sold in the US are required to be non-toxic otherwise, they must carry special labeling identifying the hazards of the product.  Childrens products and art materials undergo the most stringent testing in this regard.  All products we sell are thoroughly tested and certified to be non-toxic before they are placed on the market.


Q:        Can I obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for your products?

A:        We are more than happy to provide MSDSs for our products upon request.  Please contact our consumer affairs department through one of the methods listed on this website.


Q:        Are your products latex-free?

A:        Most of our products do not have intentionally-added latex or latex derivatives.  However, we do not specify latex-free production, and utilize equipment and vendors who may produce latex-containing products.  Therefore, the possibility for cross-contamination exists.  We urge consumers who have a latex allergy to only purchase products with a Latex Free designation on the packaging. 


Q:        Are your permanent markers acid-free?

A:        Our permanent markers, currently marketed under the ColorSharp brand, are indeed acid-free.  Our metallic permanent markers are also acid-free.  Current packaging for these items includes that information for our customers so they are great for scrapbooking, photo work, autographs, and more!


Sales and Pricing

Q:        Who can I contact regarding purchasing large quantities of product wholesale?

A:        We are able to provide wholesale pricing if certain order minimums and terms are met.  Please contact our consumer affairs department via one of the methods listed on this website.


Q:        I want to purchase boards and/or writing istruments with special printing or custom colors for my organization, do you do this?

A:        We are able to accommodate special requests for custom items.  However, there are usually very high minimum order quantities involved (5,000 to 10,000 piece minimums in most cases).  If you have a serious inquiry on this subject, please contact our consumer affairs department via one of the methods listed on this website.


Sustainability and Green

Q:        What is your company doing to be sustainable and green?

A:        Sustainable product and minimal environmental impact are of growing importance to the consumer products industry and the world as a whole.  We have made commitments internally to reduce our packaging waste and consumption wherever possible, eliminate various packaging elements that are considered wasteful or have high environmental impact. We also work with our major retail partners and their sustainability programs to become more green and eco-friendly.  More details on our sustainability initiatives will be forthcoming in the future on this website.


Q:        Does your company make donations of product to charities?         

A:        We currently partner with the Kids in Need Foundation to provide product donations that are consistent with our corporate goals and vision.  From time to time, we also donate smaller quantities of excess product directly to worthy charities.  You are more than welcome to send in donation requests to our consumer affairs department via email; however, we cannot guarantee that your particular request will be fulfilled.



Q:        Do you sell refills for a specific type or line of pens?

A:        At this time, we do not sell individual refills for our pens.  We recommend that if you enjoy a particular pen from Write Dudes, that you purchase a new pack of the same style at one of our retail partners.


Where to Buy

Q:        Where can I find Board Dudes products?

A:        Board Dudes products are sold by hundreds of retailers throughout the US and Canada, as well as through contract catalog companies, online storefronts, and other venues.